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People have hobbies – different hobbies like stamp collection, numismatics, drawing, writing poems and stuff. Each one has a different thing. But, not everybody has one ( I guess). And even if they do, most of the times it is something like watching t.v, surfing the net, or may be playing video games… A hobby is something “fruitful” you would like to do during your free time, not just something you do when you don’t have any other thing to do. Hobbies need not always involve something you are perfect in doing. Then, there would be no fun in doing it. It just has to be something you do in which you are¬†interested, something you do just to develop your skills. The point is don’t look for perfection in it. But, at the same time, go for something which has something to do with improving your talent. Select your hobby carefully. And, make use of your free time usefully with it. Keep aside your entertainment for some time and save time for your hobby also. Sitting in front of a t.v or a monitor and spending your time is not all that fun if you start trying out new things. I’m not trying to limit your choices, but I’m trying to widen the scope of your thoughts and ideas. So, decide which suits¬†you the best. Any ideas required? Skating, cricket, hockey, scrabble, painting, etching, carving, reading books, reviewing latest stuff or even ‘blogging’!!! Pick one fast people…

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